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Twiztid what the fuck

My name's Lisa I'm what some people call a sex addict I mean just because I like to have sex with alot of boys It doesn't make me a freak, ok? I mean, yeah I like to do a doggy style And suck cock and all that you know? I mean I usually just tell 'em Pull that muthafucka out and let me see it Get started Now let me introduce myself as the man Fuckin' every bitch in the world that says I can And I won't even play with bitches that don't fuck All I know, you could be a dud with your nuts clow And I don't need all the stress and all the games And all the callin' me names And your frontin' like your sayin, bitch You ain't shit but a hoe and the trickin' All your good for is hopefully fuckin' and suckin' dick Wanna blame it on my music? Well that will never happen Cuz I was fuckin' hoes like you before the rappin' Don't get me the slighter on that ass and buttcheeks And keep my dick the splashin' cum on bed sheets I'm a lunatic weirdo lookin' to the laid Any hookers here tonight is lookin' to get paid?
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Twiztid - Fuck On The 1st Date Lyrics

Twiztid what the fuck
Twiztid what the fuck
Twiztid what the fuck
Twiztid what the fuck
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Twiztid - Fuck On The 1st Date Lyrics | MetroLyrics

You's a bitch ass hoe What you really know about killas for real though? Stainin' my freek show, gang of lunatics We the rebels for the dead Fuckin' with us you lose your muthafuckin' head And ya talkin' to your bitch ass hoes even a little Rather beat ya to shit, and pull the plug at the hospital Callin' me this, callin' me that Cause you's a bitch ass nigga from the jump I wanna slap With the old school beat down, 10 on 1 I don't remember no fair fights where I'm from Maniac and I'ma stand right where the bloodstain is at Hopin' you come back, nigga fuck that I'm the poster child of death I'ma keep swingin' my axe till nuthin's left I ain't havin' that so fuck you bitch Tell your friends I'ma hater and I'm talkin' shit Man I don't give a fuck how many records you sell Stories you tell, nigga check yourself And fuck that bitch that you're with too When the shit go down, where the fuck your crew? Probably at home bumpin' someone else When the shit went down they told you fuck yourself Now you cryin' inside little thug still frontin' Thinkin' to yourself why the fuck you say something Too many niggas wanna beat me up Steal my shit, slap my bitch I'm like fuck this Now you know what it's like To deal with real killas that don't play, everyday Knockin' suckas out the box, who wanna get some? Seven video channels for my victims I ain't havin' that fuck you bitch Tell your friends I'ma hater and I'm talkin' shit We the things that go bump in the night We ain't got no love for you, you need to get some shit right Bitch who you think you're fuckin' with? We keep this shit like a track meet, we be runnin' it With the hatchet on the back While other bitches suckin' sour tits for air time and similac We say fuck that, matter of fact You tainted our style bitch boy we want our shit back Don't get your head cracked you ain't tough And all them skills don't mean shit when you get fucked up So fuck your set, and fuck your crew And fuck every muthafucka around and down with you And you ain't puttin' nothin on the map Except for all this bullshit commercialized mainstream rap And I ain't havin' that fuck you bitch Tell your friends I'ma hater and I'm talkin' shit Hoe ass hoes, we stomp those hoes How the fuck you gonna step to Dark Carnival juggalos? All lyrics are subject to US Copyright Laws and are property of their respective authors, artists and labels.
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The following program has been rated nc by the riaa certification board. No persons under the age of 17 will be addmited without parent or legal gaurdian. And now, the feature presentation.
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